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Friday, May 13, A.D. 2016
E. II R. 90

A few weeks ago, Queen Elizabeth II reached her ninetieth birthday. BBC News commemorated the milestone with a lovely series of photographs of the Queen—one for each year of her life: “In pictures: Queen Elizabeth II at 90 in 90 images.” Charming—and somewhat sad. For I am sorry to report that the kingdom was in much better moral and spiritual shape at the Queen’s birth than it is now, nearing the end of her reign. Moreover, the empire pretty much disappeared during her time on the throne. Not many questioned Britain’s survival in A.D. 1926; that worry came shortly after. The British peoples heroically withstood the Nazis, but they have succumbed to inner rot, as it so often befalls the once mighty. The White Man’s Burden has become the White Man’s Nightmare, as dusk begins to settle throughout the West.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, May 13, Anno Domini 2016
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