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Tuesday, January 19, A.D. 2016
Русский Мир

A blessed feast to all!

I have neglected Arimathea for months, being rather tempted by nihilism and gripped by despair. I have not felt much like writing. It has been a challenging few years (more so than usual), but upward and onward, as they say. I am going to try to rekindle my commitment to the page; I have begun to update broken links and missing images, too.

For today, you may view a rather extensive photographic trove of Russia. It features just about every standard aspect of non-high brow Russian life, though I noted to my family that I could not find any trace of kvas in the pictures—a shame. A realistic depiction would require some concrete playgrounds, as well (concrete equipment—e.g. concrete slides—not just the ground surface). High culture gets one representative shot with a painting of Pushkin. Note, also, the crazy Russkies who jump in ice water to commemorate today’s feast.

С праздником!

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, January 19, Anno Domini 2016
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