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Friday, March 27, A.D. 2015
Bury the Theomachist

My brother Aaron recently sent me a fascinating but disgusting post from Depleted Cranium about one of the more wretched Soviet rites in the cult of Lenin: “Comrade Lenin Gets a Bath.” Gross but informative.

Aaron and I actually visited Old Vova when we stayed in Moscow. I had reservations about going, but my curiosity proved stronger than my principles. What struck me most was how civilized and orderly the “visitors” were—in contrast to how urban Russians typically behave in crowded spaces. People quietly and patiently stood in line and filed past the corpse in respectful silence. Russkies do not even behave that mannerly during the divine services! However, we did experience such sobriety among pilgrims in the monasteries. Such makes sense, given the Bolsheviks’ perversion of Christian piety. For Lenin is the Marxist saint of the materialists and his tomb a sacred site worthy of Communist veneration. Let us pray that the devotees of such superstition continue to disappear from Russia and from the entire world.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, March 27, Anno Domini 2015
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