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This realm is a tribute to Earth and the beloved places therein.
Monday, January 26, A.D. 2015
Boys’ Camp—Cossack Style

Last year, the Business Insider published an article about a military training camp in the Crimea to which Cossacks send their sons to learn the ways of their fathers: “Welcome to the Camp That Trains 7-Year-Olds to Be Defenders of the Russian Homeland” The article features many pictures by Ukrainian photographer Maxim Dondyuk, who has lived among the Cossacks for years to document their way of life. You may see more of Dondyuk’s photographs of the “sich” on his site.

Luxury has largely made the Western world forget what is necessary for survival. Hopefully, Western peoples will remember (likely due to very unfortunate circumstances) those lost lessons that their ancestors knew and valued before they altogether perish.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, January 26, Anno Domini 2015
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