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Thursday, January 9, A.D. 2014
Reindeer Farm

Merry Christmas and happy feast of Saint Stephen!

Russia—Beyond the Headlines had an interesting story a few weeks ago about a reindeer opportunist near Moscow: “Reindeer farm looks to expand beyond Santa season.” A former submarine sailor and his family, through a typically Russian twist of fate, ended up with a reindeer herd that has become his livelihood. The reindeer farmer Alexander Bondarchuk started a reindeer centered amusement experience named the Northern Fairy Tale, which blends agricultural, cultural, zoological, and fantasy tourism in a destination that I now want to visit. Who doesn’t want to ride in a reindeer-pulled sleigh? I found a YouTube video from a visitor:

It is worth pondering that such a delightful story would not have been possible before the fall of Communism. A free market allows Bondarchuk to channel his entrepreneurial creativity and energy to give himself and his family rewarding employment and thereby to enrich his community and to entertain his customers with a reindeer attraction. I am no neocon, but there is something to be said about giving men the space—the freedom—to actualize their talent. May the former bearers of Communism’s many horrors flourish in the new day.

Russia-InfoCentre also features a piece and video about the park: “Visiting a Reindeer Farm.”

A destination for the post-Yule blues, perhaps?

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, January 9, Anno Domini 2014
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