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Friday, November 19, A.D. 2010
All That Mighty Heart

John Derbyshire recently mused that A.D. 1963 was the apex of the good life in Western civilization. His nostalgia of good times gone by reminded him of a charming short film made for the London Transport: All That Mighty Heart (click on the link to watch it on the film page of the London Transport Museum). It is a day in the life of London from A.D. 1962, with its depictions of city streets, jolly workers, feminine women, and a London that was still English.

Derbyshire laments the loss of old England. It is strange that every generation of Englishmen mourns the loss of old England. If there is a lot of ruin in a nation, there must be a lot of loss in one, too.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, November 19, Anno Domini 2010
Thursday, November 11, A.D. 2010
52 Neighborhoods/One Voice

Before I address the topic, I would like to wish you a thoughtful Armistice Day. Many blessings and much thanks to all active military and veterans.

Greg and Debba Haupert have an interesting blog featured on The Enquirer’s web site, 52 Neighborhoods/One Voice. On it, they write of their ventures into the Queen City’s neighborhoods, where they talk with locals, see the sights, and eat breakfast. The posts are pleasant but often laughably delicate. Consider, for instance, how they treat the slum Millvale: “Millvale – But wait, there’s more.” Yes, more crack whores, more violence, more bastard breeding, more wastes of public money . . . so much more. Yet, the Hauperts are not natives; so, I suppose their good manners may excuse their whitewashing.

I think that there are more than fifty-two neighborhoods within the city limits. What about Brighton? And I have never even heard of C.U.F. Who came up with that amalgam of Clifton Heights, University Heights, and Fairview? We always just called the whole place Clifton.

There are many more neighborhoods beyond the city limits, given how Cincinnatians have resisted annexation more steadfastly than folks from other cities (the edge of Columbus is on farmland). So, I hope that the Hauperts extend their anthropological survey of Cincinnati after they complete their fifty-two trips.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, November 11, Anno Domini 2010
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