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Friday, August 6, A.D. 2010
Egeria Exchange

To everyone on the new calendar, have a blessed feast of the Transfiguration and a productive Dormition fast.

August is the month of travel for many folks in the northern hemisphere, and I would like to share a site that someone sent me some time ago—Egeria. It is a travel accommodation exchange site for Orthodox Christians, which allows people to travel at much cheaper costs. It also allows for people to meet new folks and to develop new friendships. I have a travel loving cousin who has used these sorts of travel exchange sites for years, and she loves them.

I find the concept interesting, but I do not know if such would be good for me. When I travel, I often meet new people at places of interest, in youth hostels, on trains, on ferries, and such. However, I have never followed up those initial contacts to develop friendships. When I travel, I have an agenda of what I wish to do and to see, and I would find the social obligations of a travel exhange somewhat of a nuisance. If I did not have time constraints, I would not mind. However, I am an object and project oriented tourist rather than a person oriented one, and I would rather pay more money than lose time. My cousin, on the other hand, likes the social aspect of travel most, and this sort of exchange suits her perfectly. It may also fit your travel preferences. In any case, I wish you the best in your journeys.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, August 6, Anno Domini 2010
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