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Thursday, July 30, A.D. 2009
Capitol Visitors Center

For my Dad and me, today marks the end of our short trip to New England. This afternoon, I’ll take him to Reagan National to catch a flight back to Cincinnati.

As my father has not been in D.C. since Bush’s second inauguration, I hope to show him the new Capitol Visitors’ Center this morning. I think that visiting the Capitol is so much better and more organized with the new center. I just want the landscape work to be finished; the grounds have been a mess for nine years.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, July 30, Anno Domini 2009
Wednesday, July 29, A.D. 2009
West Point

If everything goes as planned, my father and I shall visit the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York today on our way back from New England. After visiting Annapolis a dozen or so times, it will be interesting to see the “other side.”

If we have the time, we may stop for dinner in Pennsylvania Dutch country, which my father has never seen.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, July 29, Anno Domini 2009
Tuesday, July 28, A.D. 2009

Today, my father and I shall wake up in Saint Johnsbury, Vermont, ready to enjoy riding through Vermont’s countryside and visiting the homes of some of the Green State’s finest products. If I were traveling with my mother, we would have to visit the Dog Chapel on Dog Mountain. However, my Dad and I plan to visit Maple Grove Farms, Cabot Cheese Creamery, Cold Hollow Cider Mill, and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory. If we can still move after indulging ourselves in such edible delights, we hope to stroll around hippie Burlington and enjoy the views of Lake Champlain.

See my post on “Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.”

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, July 28, Anno Domini 2009
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Monday, July 27, A.D. 2009
Portland, Maine

Today, my Dad and I shall visit Portland and Cape Elizabeth. We’ll check out the Old Port, Portland Head Light, and whatever other cool thing the Mainers suggest.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, July 27, Anno Domini 2009
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Sunday, July 26, A.D. 2009

Today, my father and I continue our visit to Boston. Over the weekend, I hope to visit the main historical sites, such as Boston Common, the Boston National Historical Park, the U.S.S. Constitution, the Old North Church, Harvard University, Faneuil Hall’s Quincy Market, and the Granary Burying Ground.

Posted by Joseph on Sunday, July 26, Anno Domini 2009
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Friday, July 24, A.D. 2009
Cape Cod

Today, Dad and I shall visit Cape Cod. I debated visiting Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket during the trip, but we just won’t have enough time to justify island excursions. I hope to return one day to visit New England in more depth. This trip will be more of a survey vacation.

Among the towns that we might visit are Provincetown and Sandwich. I’d like to see the Pilgrim Monument near the end of the cape. On the way, we’ll surely visit the Cape Cod National Seashore. I love our national parks.

If we have time, I would also like to visit the Cape Cod Chips factory. I enjoy factory tours in general; it is neat to see the origin of products that I use.

We may visit Plymouth on the way to Boston this evening. I want to see the rock! We may visit other sites around the town, such as the Alden House and Burial Hill, though I refuse to visit the Leftist revisionist racket, Plimoth Plantation. It is too bad; I would like to tour the Mayflower II.

See my post on “Plymouth.”

Posted by Joseph on Friday, July 24, Anno Domini 2009
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Thursday, July 23, A.D. 2009
Newport, Rhode Island

Today, Dad and I shall visit Newport, Rhode Island.

We plan to enjoy the sea, as my old sailor father loves the water. I imagine that we’ll see plenty of lighthouses during our trip.

In Newport, we’ll definitely visit some of the Newport Mansions, too. I love visiting castles, palaces, plantations, and fine homes. It is good to see that some rich folks made beautiful settings for their lives. I wonder if the current crop of plutocrats will bequeath posterity residences worthy of visiting.

If we have some extra time, I would like to visit the Naval War College Museum, as well.

See my post on the “Newport Mansions.”

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, July 23, Anno Domini 2009
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Wednesday, July 22, A.D. 2009

Today, I am leaving on my first trip to New England. I have never before been further up the East Coast than the Bronx.

I’ll soon pick my father up at B.W.I., and then we’ll make our trek up I-95 into the land of the Yankees. Please pray for us; I have heard unanimous reports of Massachusetts drivers.

For the next week, I have created a series of entries that will post each day concerning our stop for that day. After the trip, I’ll add linked posts to serve as travel reviews of the places visited.

Today, we plan to stop in New Haven, Connecticut to visit Yale University, Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven Green, and other historical sites near Yale.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, July 22, Anno Domini 2009
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Wednesday, July 1, A.D. 2009
Young’s Dairy Farm

This past weekend, my sister and I visited Young’s Dairy Farm in Yellow Springs, Ohio, close to Xenia and right up the road from kooky Leftist Antioch College.

I have been going to Young’s since I was a teenager, and it is quite a place. In the middle of nowhere, you find a rural, family entertainment complex, complete with cows, chickens, very friendly goats, a driving range, water balloon war courts, two “Udders and Putters” miniature golf courses, and children’s rides. Moreover, you can enjoy some country dining that uses local produce and ingredients, including Young’s own dairy products. Lastly, you get to indulge in the ice cream made on the farm from their own cows’ milk. Young’s also has many seasonal events that draw a crowd.

The Youngs have sensibly turned their agricultural and livestock farm into a multifaceted tourist and entertainment business. Smart folks, those Youngs!

I love Young’s mainly for the ice cream and the goats. It never fails to surprise me just how friendly and social goats are. Of course, they like you more when you have goat feed for them, but they also just like to be petted. The babies are, well, like almost all animal babies—just darling.

If you are ever in southwestern Ohio, consider spending an afternoon at Young’s. You will enjoy it.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, July 1, Anno Domini 2009
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