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Monday, May 14, A.O. 2012
Virtues of Selfishness

Lindsey Lewis, a young lass wise in the ways of the world, counsels women to focus upon themselves and their wants even more than they typically do in “7 Reasons Why Being Selfish Is Good for the World”:

There’s too much dogma out there telling us that we have to sacrifice ourselves in order to be good people. There’s too much messaging telling us that the more we give, the more we take a back seat, the more we’ll come first—in other people’s eyes and in helping the world. We see it in the yoga community. Seva (service), anyone? It’s all gotten a bit muddled. Yes, we want to be good people. Yes, we want to do good in the world.

How can we possibly do this without taking care of ourselves? How can we possibly take care of other people’s health and happiness if our own health and happiness is shot? . . .

Your body knows. It feels free and at ease when you’re making choices that honour your health and happiness. The tension starts to melt. Your stomach, chest, jaw and throat soften. Your breath comes easier and deeper. You begin to show up in the world more authentically, bringing your higher Self, your best Self, and your light is no longer hidden behind tension, resentment and frustration.

You begin to be of service simply by being you. What if it doesn’t matter what picture frame we put on our gifts to the world? What if being a fortune-making corporate copyright lawyer is your true path? What if you are simply here to bring your shining, vibrant self wherever you go? What if that’s enough?

Maybe, you’d be being selfish, or maybe you’d be fulfilling your destiny. And by doing that, by serving yourself, you begin to serve your Self—to the world.

It is delightful when, despite millennia of being subjected to guilt laden sermons, fear inducing fables, and endless superstition, human beings finally get the causal directions right about happiness. Worship yourself, and then you will be in a proper place to do good things in the world. Why you might want to do such things once you have attained the highest good—being happy in, with, and by youself—well, that is up to you. Everything is up to you.

This hack piece by Grünald was published on Monday, May 14, Anno Obsidione 2012
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