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The human animal is the worshipping animal. Toward the divine, we have a need to pray, to sacrifice, to offer up, and to praise. From the spirit dances of primitive animism to the rational contemplation of philosophical paganism, from the ethical code of the rabbis to the theological vision of the scholastics, from the sprinkled blood (the origin of blessing) of temple cults to helping the poor in simple Christian charity, men need to relate the immanent and the transcendent -- they see their particular lives in time and space transfigured and transfused with meaning unbounded by human things. Religion is this aspect of human life where the everyday and worldly intersects with the ultimate and divine. Is this an accident of human evolution, or is it a racial neurosis brought upon us as conscious beings who live in the shadow of our own death? Is it a reflection of the divine order, where creatures naturally orient themselves toward their source? Has God revealed himself to us, as the Christians claim? In this realm, I shall try to delve into such questions as an Orthodox Christian who ever pesters God with "Why?"
Friday, October 12, A.D. 2012
Whence Come These Puppets of Doom?

My friend Andrew sent me an article about bizarre “liturgical” puppets by John Buescher: “Whence Come These Puppets of Doom?” I have read about these marionettes of Mephistopheles before, but I did not know their history as leftist agitprop.

You may also wish to read the related “Mr. Potato Head Concelebrates the Holy Mass?”

Posted by Joseph on Friday, October 12, Anno Domini 2012
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Thursday, October 4, A.D. 2012
A Stink in the Schema

A few weeks ago, Joel Kalvesmaki published an essay with difficult but necessary questions regarding the Orthodox Church in America (O.C.A.) and its leadership crisis. Monomakhos posted it: “Did the OCA Bishops Lie about Metropolitan Jonah?” Kalvesmaki is a serious scholar and a fine man; one ought to consider his words.

I last wrote about the mess in the O.C.A. over the summer in “Orthodox Immaturity.” Over the last four months, the situation has become even less clear. Who knows when the long suffering members of the O.C.A. will get a synod worth their mitres?

Update: Though Dr. Kalvesmaki was elected by his parish to be their alternate representative at the upcoming O.C.A. council in Parma, he has been barred from attending due to his open letter: “A Bishop’s Response.”

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, October 4, Anno Domini 2012
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