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The human animal is the worshipping animal. Toward the divine, we have a need to pray, to sacrifice, to offer up, and to praise. From the spirit dances of primitive animism to the rational contemplation of philosophical paganism, from the ethical code of the rabbis to the theological vision of the scholastics, from the sprinkled blood (the origin of blessing) of temple cults to helping the poor in simple Christian charity, men need to relate the immanent and the transcendent -- they see their particular lives in time and space transfigured and transfused with meaning unbounded by human things. Religion is this aspect of human life where the everyday and worldly intersects with the ultimate and divine. Is this an accident of human evolution, or is it a racial neurosis brought upon us as conscious beings who live in the shadow of our own death? Is it a reflection of the divine order, where creatures naturally orient themselves toward their source? Has God revealed himself to us, as the Christians claim? In this realm, I shall try to delve into such questions as an Orthodox Christian who ever pesters God with "Why?"
Tuesday, March 2, A.D. 2010

Jake from Wiser Time has a funny take on the “Coexist” bumper sticker of which self avowed tolerant and enlightened Americans are so fond. Here is the bumper sticker, the proceeds of which go to “help fight hunger, fascism, and social injustice.”

Jake observes:

You’ve seen these, right? They make me mad. Why? Because they don’t really mean what they say.

Let’s break it down. We’ll call each worldview by the letter it’s supposed to represent. So:

» C = Islam
» O = Pacifism
» E = “Gender equality” (=the LGBT agenda)
» X = Judaism
» I = Wicca / Pagan / Bah’ai
» S =Taoism / Confucianism
» T = Christianity

And let’s assume a very broad definition of “coexist”: living together without calling for the destruction of each other. Here are the problems with that:

» C wants to kill E, X, T, and (by implication) O. If they achieved the world they wanted, I and S would also no longer exist.

» O doesn’t allow for effective resistance or defeat of C.

» E stands in direct opposition to C, X, and T, and accuses those who speak against them of hate speech. Also, they’re trying to edge X and T out of public schools in favor of their own agenda. (They’re afraid C will be offended, so they get less trouble.) E is actually very, very intolerant.

» X’s existence is threatened not only by C but also by O, who invariably supports C over X.

» I and S are statistically insignificant and are mainly on there to complete the bumper sticker.

» T is who the bumper sticker is really arguing against, but poses no physical threat to any of the others.

Historically, T has brought about more tolerance– “coexistence” if you will– than any other movement. But the kind of “coexistence” the people who make this sticker envision is one where at least X and T are completely marginalized.

Do Leftists really find the courteous manners taught by school marms in elementary school the veritable apex of morality and insight into the human condition—facts and good sense be damned? Is it really true that they learnt all that they really know in Kindergarten?

They are either fools, cowards, or traitorous misanthropes—or at least the vast majority of them deserve such categorization.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, March 2, Anno Domini 2010
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