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All wisdom begins in wonder, and this delight kindles a desire for truth that leads us on a quest for the really real -- the source of being itself. Hence, the philosophical impulse, albeit often manifested in atheistic and irreverent stumblings in the dark of human ignorance, begins and ultimately ends in theology -- communicating and communing with our origin and goal. We men are rational animals who seek to know. We are agents of truth who want correct answers to questions that we must ask. From the noblest objects of contemplation to the seemingly insignificant everyday trivialities of life, we attempt to unravel perplexing knots. Limited, blind, and distracted, we nevertheless struggle for wisdom. This is our lot, and it is also our glory.
Wednesday, February 4, A.D. 2015
Generation Wuss

Last year, Bret Easton Ellis published “Generation Wuss” in Vanity Fair. Be forewarned about the language and decadence. I worry that Ellis is largely correct. I am shocked by how psychologically delicate young Americans have become. I blame helicopter parents, electronic device-life, the self esteem cult, and the cowardice of every institution that caves to unreasonable vermin for fear of lawsuits and/or bad p.r. It is a shame, though. I do not know if anything is uglier than an ugly soul—it is such a defacement of what is destined for greatness.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, February 4, Anno Domini 2015
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