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Tuesday, July 23, A.D. 2013
Yawning Fetus

Congratulations to the British and Commonwealth peoples who celebrate the birth of their future king! I was hoping for a boy so that the harpies would spare us their elation about the proposed changes in succession rules. Let us hope that by the time the boy becomes king in four decades or so, the English speaking peoples of the world will have repented of their madness and returned to their semi-semi-Salic ways.

(That said, there is an argument for absolute primogeniture as the more ancient custom among various Germanic tribes, but I do not adequately know its merits. Tolkien may have favored absolute primogeniture, at least in his fiction. For it was from Princess Silmariën of Númenor that the righteous Lords of Andúnië and the subsequent royal lines of Arnor and Gondor in Middle Earth descended. However, the contemporary argument against male preferred succession results from our civilization’s disastrous dallying with sexual egalitarianism rather than from any respectable source. I am personally fond of permitting succession through daughters in a male preferred system so that the daughters’ sons could inherit the throne but not the daughters themselves. In the current system, for instance, there are times when there is no king. A more important problem in the current system that would worsen (in terms of frequency) with the proposed changes is that a prince consort is unable to head his household and to be an obedient subject to his sovereign wife at the same time. Such introduces a fundamental disorder in the royal family for the sake of dynastic stability, which could be achieved in other ways without contravening the law of God. Alternatively, heiress daughters could rule celibately like Elizabeth I, but then future monarchs would not be descended from every reigning sovereign (the ideal) and some such poor women might wish for the married life. In my system, we would get a male preferred order wherein a grandson could inherit the crown through his mother if she had no brothers or if she only had deceased brothers who had no children. That would ensure a king, provide good dynastic stability, and minimize succession moves to cadet branches.)

Speaking of babies, I found an interesting article last year that features a baby who yawns in utero—a wonder we may now witness due to “4D” sonogram technology: “Baby yawns in womb, 4D scan shows.”

I sent the video to my family, confessing that I had yawned after seeing the fetus yawn. My brother Aaron responded by sending me to Vsauce’s Why Is Yawning Contagious? video. Fascinating stuff.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, July 23, Anno Domini 2013
Thursday, July 11, A.D. 2013

I have meant to write a commentary on Kristor’s Orthosphere post, “What Is It Like to Be Eternal?,” for half a year. However, there is nothing worthwhile that I may add without sounding redundant or sycophantic. Make sure to read the comments, especially Kristor’s response to Bill.

I forwarded the post to my very own personal Socrates—Andrew—back in January, and he noted that Kristor’s argument rests upon the assumption that observed causal relationships are real rather than mere attempts of the human mind to construct an intelligible order from meaningless phenomena. Yet, such a nihilistic skepticism incurs a sharp, fatal retort, as do all such arguments for the unintelligibility of the world. For how may one rationally explain—not to mention defend—the unintelligibility of the world? See Andrew’s comment in “Maverick Retortion” for details.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, July 11, Anno Domini 2013
Monday, July 8, A.D. 2013
Grand Stupid Party

Thomas Bertonneau has shared Paul Gottfried’s new site, The Gottfried Report, on The Orthosphere. As a regular reader of Gottfried’s articles elsewhere, I look forward to enjoying his site. Among the first entries are two that excoriate the idiotic Republican leadership (and, by extension, their enablers—their voters), “No, This Is Not Watergate” and “Kicking A Bad Habit” In the former, Gottfried writes:

Lest I forget to mention the obvious, the GOP fully deserves its approaching second-class status as a national party. Every congressional or presidential measure that led to this situation was enacted with Republican approval. Whether we are looking at the Twenty-Fourth Amendment, banning the poll tax in January 1964, the Voting Rights Act in 1965, and its subsequent extensions and amendments, the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 and the Amnesty Act passed under the Reagan administration, GOP Congressmen voted in at least the same numbers as, and sometimes even more than, the Democrats, to create our present electorate. Never missing a beat in the march toward a multicultural electorate, the GOP not only gave us a voting rights act in 1965 that provided for mobilizing a large black, Democratic voting bloc. GOP Congressmen and presidents have run to extend and broaden the surveillance of districts thought to be “suppressing” minority votes in order to ensure an optimal unfriendly turnout on Election Day.

It is impossible to imagine our current leftist electorate without noting the Republican contribution to this hostile force.  And I don’t stand with those demonically possessed GOP partisans who think their party hasn’t done enough to serve the other side’s constituency. Nor do I share the view of those Republicans who feel minorities have been ungrateful to their past benefactors. Rather I hold the view that Republicans are getting exactly what they deserve, as a party of fools.  Until now they’ve been happy as clams to strengthen their enemies without any thought for their future.

It is not for nothing that Republicans are called the stupid party.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, July 8, Anno Domini 2013
Friday, July 5, A.D. 2013
Godwin’s Law Is Absolute

A few months ago, I was discussing the death penalty with some relatively bright young people. I shared my evolution on the topic—from being completely against it to becoming less and less opposed. I mentioned that my turning point was hearing a speech by Alan Keyes in which he invoked the instructive power of the law. A society teaches through its laws, and it teaches the value of human life and the seriousness of crimes against it by exacting an extreme penalty for such violations. To me, that is the best argument for capital punishment.

After we chatted for some time, I said that, in the end, a society has to decide for itself how to ensure civil order and to protect its people. Through the conversation, one girl was becoming more and more aggravated. After I finished speaking, she asserted that Hitler was put in power by “society” to do what the Germans thought was right. Somewhat surprised, I asked if she was equating a society’s due process killing of child rapists and murderers to the Holocaust. She said yes. “Who are we to . . . “


First they came for the child rapists, and I said nothing.
Then they came for the parricides, and I remained silent.
Next they came for the cannibals . . .

Posted by Joseph on Friday, July 5, Anno Domini 2013
Thursday, July 4, A.D. 2013
Happy White Privilege Day!

Today is when most Americans commemorate their treasonous rebellion against their original homeland, though the day has fortunately become a celebration of summer, community, and American-ness, to the extent that such survives. Fitting for this day in the twilight of our civilization is a story from earlier in the year, “Wisconsin’s VISTA Program Encourages Volunteers to Overcome White ‘Privilege.’” The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction wishes for its white volunteer do-gooders to keep their “white privilege” in mind while they spend their own time and treasure trying to help dysfunctional members of the colored underprivileged. They will do this in part by wearing special white wristbands.* It is nice that the religion of contemporary liberalism progresses in the development of vestments and rituals.

When I first read the article, I thought of Lawrence Auster’s comment a year ago: “In all of human history, have there ever been human beings as cowardly and contemptible as contemporary white liberals?” The answer is easy: no.

Steve Sailer has occasionally predicted that such nonsense cannot go on forever. The children of today’s racial masochists will be racially aware and possibly even ethno-nationalists. Maybe, they will keep those white wristbands and put them to better use.

* Evidently, the news source of the story misconstrued the program. According to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction site, the white wristbands were not mandated by the program but were an idea in the “additional resources” provided by the program’s trainers. Give leftists another decade to bring those wristbands “out from the shadows” of “additional resources” and into the pushed curriculum. They do what they can get away with. Treacherous fiends!

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, July 4, Anno Domini 2013
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