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Thursday, January 3, A.D. 2013
Immoral Moralists

Two months ago, View from the Right reader Dave T. commented in “My place in liberal society”:

One of the more amusing or depressing contradictions of our leftist world is that it strenuously denounces, via the language of objective moral categories, those who disagree with its fundamental principles, even as it denies the existence of those categories, which are by necessity immaterial and therefore incompatible with the left’s materialism. Indeed, I think this might be the most serious criticism of the left’s political modus operandi. The left uses the language of objective moral categories as the critical impetus for its desired socialist revolution, only to deny the existence of those categories when others dare to question the bizarre atheistic, materialistic foundations of their socialist revolution, e.g. the goodness of the left’s pursuit of equality in all things.

Bottom line, those who live in a leftist society but dissent from that society in affirming the existence of objective moral categories should always ignore the politically motivated, yet putatively moral, denunciations of that society.

In fewer words, you are a public heretic in a society that doesn’t affirm the existence of heresies (defined as deviations from what is morally good).

I counseled similar advice in “One of Us?” and “Breivik a Monster?,” among other places. In short, we should never give the red toothed bastards one ounce of consideration in good faith. They are sons of perdition, and they care for nothing of the truth.

Sadly, though, many of the Left’s pawns are simply muddled headed. They never realize that their part time relativism jeopardizes their part time high horse moral lecturing. They do not see the contradiction. They have grown up suckling the twin teats of foolishness and ignorance, and they have had no instruction in logic or rational reflection. For them, all argument is just will and logorrhea. Such is what they have witnessed and what they have practiced, and no one has corrected them. What else should we expect of them?

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, January 3, Anno Domini 2013
Wednesday, January 2, A.D. 2013
Big Brother Is Watching You

Last month, Russia Today featured an interview with a former National Security Agency employee: “‘Everyone in US under virtual surveillance’ - NSA whistleblower.”

We live in an Orwellian age. Poor George—it is unfortunate that his name signifies what he hated.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, January 2, Anno Domini 2013
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