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All wisdom begins in wonder, and this delight kindles a desire for truth that leads us on a quest for the really real -- the source of being itself. Hence, the philosophical impulse, albeit often manifested in atheistic and irreverent stumblings in the dark of human ignorance, begins and ultimately ends in theology -- communicating and communing with our origin and goal. We men are rational animals who seek to know. We are agents of truth who want correct answers to questions that we must ask. From the noblest objects of contemplation to the seemingly insignificant everyday trivialities of life, we attempt to unravel perplexing knots. Limited, blind, and distracted, we nevertheless struggle for wisdom. This is our lot, and it is also our glory.
Thursday, August 18, A.D. 2011
McGrew on Facebook

Lydia McGrew has joined Facebook. Nonetheless, she considers how social networking distorts one’s sense of privacy in “Privacy is not a setting.” As expected, her words are thoughtful and true. What, though, possessed her to join?

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, August 18, Anno Domini 2011
Wednesday, August 3, A.D. 2011
The Debt in Perspective

I recommend the visually arresting depiction of the national debt at USDebtKleptocracy. The site uses stacks of one hundred dollar bill notes to provide an accessible image for the debt crisis. Zimbabwe, here we come!

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, August 3, Anno Domini 2011
Monday, August 1, A.D. 2011
A Bill to Cover the Moon with Yogurt

Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin delivered some sense about cents on the floor of House last week:

Democracies bankrupt themselves as elected politicians pander to the masses and to the present.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, August 1, Anno Domini 2011
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