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Wednesday, July 1, A.D. 2009
Young’s Dairy Farm

This past weekend, my sister and I visited Young’s Dairy Farm in Yellow Springs, Ohio, close to Xenia and right up the road from kooky Leftist Antioch College.

I have been going to Young’s since I was a teenager, and it is quite a place. In the middle of nowhere, you find a rural, family entertainment complex, complete with cows, chickens, very friendly goats, a driving range, water balloon war courts, two “Udders and Putters” miniature golf courses, and children’s rides. Moreover, you can enjoy some country dining that uses local produce and ingredients, including Young’s own dairy products. Lastly, you get to indulge in the ice cream made on the farm from their own cows’ milk. Young’s also has many seasonal events that draw a crowd.

The Youngs have sensibly turned their agricultural and livestock farm into a multifaceted tourist and entertainment business. Smart folks, those Youngs!

I love Young’s mainly for the ice cream and the goats. It never fails to surprise me just how friendly and social goats are. Of course, they like you more when you have goat feed for them, but they also just like to be petted. The babies are, well, like almost all animal babies—just darling.

If you are ever in southwestern Ohio, consider spending an afternoon at Young’s. You will enjoy it.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, July 1, Anno Domini 2009
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