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Friday, December 7, A.D. 2012
You Can Help a Cadet

Last year, I attended the Army-Navy football game when it is was held in D.C. (well, suburban Maryland, to be precise). I enjoyed the pageantry and tradition, and it was good to watch a football game where the players all looked like true athletes who were representative of their school rather than hired mercenaries with half the team’s being grotesque mounds of flesh. An entertaining aspect of the annual match is the showing of “spirit videos” that the cadets and midshipmen make to show during the game’s pauses. The best one last year was the following gem from Annapolis:

The side show features many non-spirit videos, as well, ranging from expressions of gratitude by civic and military support organizations to memorials to advertisements geared toward service members and their families. So, when the above video started playing its sappy music, most people thought that it was serious. The surprise element added to its comedic value, and the video received much applause—even grudging approval from West Point’s partisans. Tomorrow, I shall attend the game in Philadelphia. Navy will probably win, again, but perhaps the cadets might at least put forth a memorable spirit video.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, December 7, Anno Domini 2012
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