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Tuesday, June 18, A.D. 2013
Wily Schizophrenics

My friend Andrew, who with Kristor appears to supply all the material for this site, told me of fascinating research involving schizophrenia. Evidently, a “normal” human mind interprets a concave mask as if it were convex. We are so constituted to see a face as a face that our brains overwhelm our knowledge even when we know better. However, this natural illusion does not affect schizophrenics. You may read about this at Wired: “Schizophrenic Brains Not Fooled by Optical Illusion.” The article features the following video that illustrates the illusion to you (if you do not have schizophrenia):

I must confess that I was slightly relieved that I was tricked. I lucked out in avoiding that snare!

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, June 18, Anno Domini 2013
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