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Thursday, April 5, A.D. 2012
Why French Parents Are Superior

I would like to wish my Orthodox readers a good feast for Palm Sunday and my western readers a joyous Pascha over the weekend.

If you still have not yet read Pamela Druckerman’s “Why French Parents Are Superior” in The Wall Street Journal, I highly recommend it. Having lived with a French family as a teenager and having studied in Paris in college, I readily attest to Druckerman’s observations of French superiority. The French criticize Anglo-Saxon parenting by remarking that among us, l’enfant est roi.

I find the “child centered” lifestyle of most Americans quite horrifying. I know that the mothers and fathers who indulge their little demon spawn do so from love, but they are mistaken. Such parenting produces ugly, self centered, and weak souls in their children, and I suspect that it has negative consequences for the parents themselves. Belittling oneself continuously by always submitting to one’s inferior must deface and pervert the soul. Moreover, I wonder if the misery of being a slave to one’s children contributes to the low fertility rates of Anglophone societies. Of course, such social suicide is related to feminism’s ascendency, but perhaps there is a connection to doting, servile parenting, too. Maybe, working mothers feel guilty about neglect and attempt to compensate by letting little Johnny get his way. Perhaps, emasculated fathers no longer feel confident in establishing and enforcing the proper order of authority in their households. One might argue that the French have embraced the same feminism, as well, but such is not quite true. Women’s “liberation” differs considerably in France, as does French egalitarianism. The Channel really does separate worlds.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, April 5, Anno Domini 2012
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