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Thursday, January 14, A.D. 2010
Why Africa Has Gone To Hell

James Jackson has a provocative article at Taki’s site, “Why Africa Has Gone To Hell.” Jackson only points out the impermissible obvious, but in our dark and blind age, one cannot speak too much of true things too often unsayable. Such as . . .

The white man’s burden is guilt over Africa (the black man’s is sentimentality), and we are blind for it. We have tipped hundreds of billions of aid-dollars into Africa without first ensuring proper governance. We encourage NGOs and food-parcels and have built a culture of dependency. We shy away from making criticism, tiptoe around the crassness of the African Union and flinch at every anti-western jibe. The result is a free-for-all for every syphilitic black despot and his coterie of family functionaries.

Africa casts a long and toxic shadow across our consciousness. It is patronised and allowed to underperform, so too its distant black diaspora. A black London pupil is excluded from his school, not because he is lazy, stupid or disruptive, but because that school is apparently racist; a black youth is pulled over by the police, not because black males commit over eighty percent of street crime, but because the authorities are somehow corrupted by prejudice. Thus the tale continues. Excuse is everywhere and a sense of responsibility nowhere. You will rarely find either a black national leader in Africa or a black community leader in the west prepared to put up his hands and say It is our problem, our fault. Those who look to Africa for their roots, role-models and inspiration are worshipping false gods. And like all false gods, the feet are of clay, the snouts long and designed for the trough, and the torture-cells generally well-equipped.

Of course, the idea of attributing responsibility to human agents rather than nebulous systems is toxic to the Left. Likewise, the West must be the source of all disorder, while the dark, noble savages live in primitive grace. Oh, I forgot to add that Christian missionaries brought sexual anxiety and the concept of guilt to the previously innocent pagans. The human soul is not broken; only colonialism introduced evil into Eden.

One wonders how the Leftist mind so easily distorts facts. Is it on purpose, or do Leftists really believe the nonsense that they argue?

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, January 14, Anno Domini 2010
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