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Tuesday, March 22, A.D. 2011
Westminster Dogs

Last month, Auster linked to a New York Times photostream of one hundred and two champions from this year’s Westminster Dog Show: “Best of Breed.” The Scottish Deerhound Hickory won best in show. If you are interested, the Westminster Kennel Club site has a nice overview of its recognized breeds.

I was raised to love dogs, and I find people who do not appreciate them bizarre and alien. They really are man’s best friend, being so complementary to us and like us in many interesting ways. As an example, consider the recent viral video of dogs among the wreckage in Japan:

Like most Americans, I was pretty shaken by the events on September 11, but I did not weep until I watched a television interview of a blind man whose seeing eye dog helped him escape the World Trade Center before the towers fell. My heart and mind were numb and overwhelmed until then, but the simple beauty of the relationship between the man and his dog in contrast to the horror and destruction of that day moved me to tears. And I am a sucker for dog stories. One of the comments about the Japanese dog video that I read somewhere stated that the dog was one of God’s greatest gifts to man. I do not think that such is hyperbole. They are magnificent creatures.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, March 22, Anno Domini 2011
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