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Tuesday, July 16, A.D. 2013
Western Rite Woes

The synod of bishops of R.O.C.O.R. held an extraordinary session last week to review apparent irregularities in the Western rite under Bishop Jerome. Read the official release. It seems as though they are ending the Russian Church’s Western rite, and they have disciplined Bishop Jerome. I find this unfortunate, and I wonder if it has anything to do with the recent apostasy (and apparent insanity) of the newly ordained Nathan Monk, who describes himself on FaceBook as “an author, human rights activist, and a former priest who left the church in order to love and help others do the same” [in order to support the homosexualist agenda]. As I told Andrew, anyone who describes himself as a “human rights activist” is a certifiable arse wipe, and there is no need to look further. However, for those of prurient tendencies, Monk’s online persona is a veritable bacchanalia of smarmy, shallow, leftist self righteousness, poor logic, bad faith, and plain idiocy. That the good bishop would trust such a man for the priesthood raises the question of proper discernment. It could be that Bishop Jerome was so enthusiastic to cultivate the Western rite that he overlooked or ignored many red flags. Sadly, when one treads through the territory of disaffected Anglicans, Old Catholics, and Anglo-Catholics, one has to deal with sordid episcopi vagantes culture. It is a shame; for I feel sorry for those folks and badly for Bishop Jerome. We here have another incident to be added to the arsenal of arguments against the Western rite, to which I am largely sympathetic.

(For previous articles that concern or mention the Western rite, see “What Could We Salvage in the West?,” “Saint Patrick,” “Joseph Julian Overbeck,” “The Anglican Itch,” and “The Racist Doctor.”)

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, July 16, Anno Domini 2013
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