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Saturday, January 24, A.D. 2009
Wee Priests

Earlier in the week, American Papist Thomas Peters showcased a toy mass kit made by Wee Believers. The company’s web site states that there was such a toy mass kit in the 1950’s, and they wished to bring it back to encourage vocations for the priesthood. I suppose that it is never too early to start sowing.

I do not know how effective such a toy would be in encouraging boys to consider the priesthood. I had toy medical kits, cowboy outfits, and police equipment, but I never wanted to do any of those jobs—they were just make-believe props. However, such toys do normalize professions for children. As such, toy mass kits are probably useful for making liturgical worship a part of life rather than a separate reality exclusive to Sundays. The kits also would teach children more about the liturgy; props make learning easier and memorable.

I would worry about the potential for sacrilege, though. What if your six year old son ex-communicated you after a spanking?

The company F.A.Q. states that they will be releasing a vestment set, too. I, myself, am waiting for the exorcism kit to come out. That would be interesting.

Posted by Joseph on Saturday, January 24, Anno Domini 2009
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