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Thursday, June 30, A.D. 2011
We Love to Fly

I have confessed before my twisted love of readers’ comments to online articles. Most are idiotic, but occasionally I come across a gem. Last week, USA Today published the story about Delta Airlines’ partnering with Saudi Arabian Airlines. The story was quickly redacted; so, I am not sure what the facts truly are. As far as I can tell, Delta will now be able to handle bookings and possibly gate accommodations for Saudi Arabian Airlines, and they therefore must use the Saudi state controlled airline’s policies for flights to the Arab kingdom. One of those policies is to deny entry to anyone with an Israeli visa in his passport. Initial reports also stated that passengers could not carry Christian bibles on the plane, though such has been denied. Anyway, Jonah Goldberg posted a blurb about the controversy on the National Review’s Corner: “Delta: We Love To Fly Without Jews (and Bibles) — And It Shows.” One of the commenters wrote:

“The only American airplanes that should fly to Saudi Arabia are B-52s.”

I like the cut of his jib!

In all seriousness, why should this surprise anyone? If we in the West ally ourselves with such alien people, if we welcome them into our societies and form economic partnerships with them, we must make a decision on how we handle the incompatibilities. A stronger, more vigorous West might welcome the Saudis on its own terms. However, our obsequious elite cowers to accommodate the Wahhabists, bowing before them and before their petroleum money. For they will dance to sharia to make a dollar. They are filthy whores. The Arabs despise us justly.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, June 30, Anno Domini 2011
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