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Thursday, October 28, A.D. 2010
Vermicular Grayson

Democrat Alan Grayson, currently “serving” for Florida’s eighth House district, is a loathsome worm. For some evidence of how bad he really is, read George Will’s piece in Newsweek, “America’s Worst Politician.” As cynical as I am about democracy, it still surprises me that Floridians would elect such a beast to represent Orlando. Happily, Grayson will only serve one term; he is expected to lose next week to a much better man, Daniel Webster. Yes, Daniel Webster, concerning which Will writes:

Grayson, never missing an opportunity to live down to his reputation, ridicules Webster’s “18th-century name.” Given Grayson’s relentless advertising of his intellectual shortcomings, it is surprising that he recognizes the name.

Watch this news story about how Grayson distorted Webster’s words from a Christian conference:

Grayson makes other Democratic politicians look positively statemanlike. How wretched a man must be when, by comparison, Dick Durbin ranks closer to Thomas More than to him. Grayson also proves that character matters more than intelligence and educational credentials. For Grayson’s biographical sketch appears rather impressive. Clearly, he is clever in certain ways. Nonetheless, he remains a fool. An intelligent fool is the worst kind. Add lack of virtue coupled with terrible opinions to the mixture, and you get Grayson.

“Taliban Dan”? If only the American Right were so committed and inclined, as Grayson allegedly fears, then America would be a much healthier society. In such a hypothetical country, patriots would have that lying scoundrel stoned to death at Disney World. It would not upset me to watch Mickey pelt him with jagged rocks. I might even cheer Goofy on as he silences the foul tongue. Such a pig does not deserve a more dignified execution.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, October 28, Anno Domini 2010
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