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Tuesday, February 1, A.D. 2011
Unisex Prisons

Both Lawrence Auster of View from the Right and Laura Wood of The Thinking Housewife have commented on the recent murder of a female prison guard in Monroe, Washington. Jayme Biendl worked alone and unarmed in the chapel of a men’s prison, though she repeatedly complained to her supervisors and to her union regarding her safety. Last Saturday, a convicted serial rapist, Byron Scherf, strangled Biendl to death in the chapel. According to the Seattle Times, fifty-two year old Scherf has been in and out of prison several times since he was a teenager for multiple rapes and assaults, including having poured gasoline on and set fire to one of his victims. It is utterly unjust that Scherf remains alive. Washington should have executed him decades ago or, at the very least, consigned him to solitary confinement in a dungeon wherein he could ruin no more lives but his miserable own. How irresponsible and reckless was it for the Washington penal system to trust this beast to roam the prison with isolated and unarmed guards, especially women! Auster frequently talks about suicidal liberalism; it is verily a recipe for mayhem and slaughter.

According to the Seattle Times, prison superintendent “Frakes said female officers began working all posts inside prisons about 30 years ago and began to be seen as ‘equal to and just as valuable’ as male officers.” As the prison authorities state, it is possible for prisoners to attack male guards, too. As such, one wonders why violent criminals are allowed such freedom. Yet, probabilities change accordingly; it is quite mad for there to be female prison guards in male prisons, just as it is insane to have male prison guards in female prisons. Many male prisoners, as in this case, have a history of violence against women. Such men are dangerous to anyone, but they have a particular taste for hurting the fairer sex. Moreover, women are generally much physically weaker when it comes to combat situations. For both reasons, women should not work in male prisons. Furthermore, certain positions wherein people may exercise power and domination over others tend to attract the wrong kind of workers. Childcare, nursing homes, and prisons must deal with this ugly reality. Both men and women with grievances against the opposite sex all too frequently use their positions in prisons to humiliate and to abuse the typically defenseless prisoners. Thus, prisons are fertile ground in which abuse may grow abundantly, but there are policies that can help minimize such disorder. For the well being of both guards and prisoners, prisons should be single sex.

Sometimes, one hears supposedly “conservative” commentators balk at instances of prisoner abuse. They think that the savages deserve what they get. I am sympathetic to their hunger for justice, but let us remember that penal sentences involve incarceration, not torture or abuse. If a convict is sentenced to time in a penitentiary, he should lose his freedom. I think that he should also have to perform hard labor to pay for his “room and board.” However, the state should not oversee a system wherein its wards—in this case, prisoners—suffer assault and sexual abuse, as regularly happens now. Obviously, single sex prisons would not resolve all of these issues, especially given the frequency of sodomy in prison, but it is a first step. For there is no end to civil lawsuits and criminal proceedings due to having prison guards of the opposite sex. It is unfair both to prison workers and to inmates to exacerbate an already unstable and dangerous situation by having mixed sex prison environments.

Of course, in our liberal age wherein the state can only acknowledge sexual and ethnic realities when it wishes to harm men, whites, and occasionally certain kinds of Asians, prudent discrimination is unthinkable. Female prison guards are only “equal to and just as valuable” male prison guards when we pretend that men and women are, indeed, equal, which means the same. Apologists for egalitarian language like their nonsensical qualifications, but men and women are not the same—biologically or culturally. As much as I am opposed to the Mohammedans and to their conquest of the modern West, this, at least, they understand correctly. I find it bizarre that American opponents of the Dar al-Islam criticize Western governments for caving to Mohammedan demands for single sex classrooms, swim times, prisons, and medical attention, when the sharia way is, in those instances, quite sensible. It is we who hold and implement preposterous ideas. Biendl’s death is only one of their many, many disastrous consequences.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, February 1, Anno Domini 2011
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