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Wednesday, May 29, A.D. 2013
Unholy Spawn of the Sterile Sexual Revolution


Last week on the Orthosphere, Bonald posted an interesting response to The Atlantic‘s Ann-Marie Slaughter (what a fitting name for a “feminist”): “Feminism and a loveless future.” I especially appreciate Sunshine Mary’s commentary. In reading it, it occurred to me that the sexual revolution has facilitated both sexes’ degenerating into their worst vices. Our demonic cultural regime encourages men to indulge an everlasting adolescent fantasy of abundant, consequence free sex, and it allows (and rewards) women to play out their most obnoxious tendencies toward vanity and narcissism. The decadent West will burn to the ground; it has truly merited its doom.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, May 29, Anno Domini 2013
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