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Thursday, January 17, A.D. 2013
Ukrainian Carols

Christ is born!

On this synaxis of the seventy apostles, as the nativity season comes to an end, I offer you Ukrainian carols sung by the clergy and people of the Sobor of the Nativity of the Theotokos near Dubno. The carol page features many recordings that you may play.

The parishioners have created several videos for YouTube, as well, including the one for Christmas posted below. The singing is fine, but the background effects and the lip synched reproduction for the dramatic setting outdoors appear rather amateurish. Nonetheless, I am impressed that a small village community in the Ukraine has invested so much time and effort in multimedia. The video is in three parts. First:



The men look uninvolved and even embarrassed. They should have recorded the actual singing in the temple and interspersed that video among segments of the outdoors scene in traditional costume with no singing. The area is picturesque enough to make decent footage without the attempt at lip synching inside and out.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, January 17, Anno Domini 2013
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