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Wednesday, October 24, A.D. 2012
Trompe l’Œil Lives

My sister sent me today a Yahoo link to some delightful trompe l’oeil drawings by Ramon Bruin: “Amazing 3D art tricks the eye.” They are very cool.

I am glad that artists continue to create beautiful works even when the doorkeepers of respectable


fine art grant them neither respect nor status. If Bruin spent his time representing vulvae with nachos—you know, when he was not blasphemously depicting religious figures in human waste—then he would be showcased in the most prestigious galleries. Instead, he airbrushes objects that people want stylized. He plays with color and shape to delight the observer and to tease the imagination. He incarnates beauty in useful and in decorative pieces. How pedestrian! How vulgar! How very much like an artist—for most of human history.

We need to return to the understanding of art that existed before the pretentious distinction between artisans and artists. And surely we shall.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, October 24, Anno Domini 2012
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