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Friday, February 7, A.D. 2014
To Sochi, with Love

The twenty-second Olympic Winter Games will soon begin in Sochi. I wish the athletes well, and I send my best wishes to our Russian brethren for a peaceful, successful, glorious Olympics. Four years ago, I confessed to being an Olympics junkie in “A Vancouver Night,” and I am very excited about indulging in my favorite sports program. I even like the commercials. My hometown company Procter and Gamble has mastered the understanding of its most important customer demographic—mothers (“P&G and the big business in sentimental Olympics ads”). And who doesn’t support a “Thank You, Mom” campaign? When I first saw the “Pick Them Back Up” advertisement, I was moved—and impressed:

As a Cincinnatian, I know many Procter and Gamble employees, but I don’t know if any of them work in the company’s marketing departments. If this campaign was done inhouse, the folks behind it deserve the promotion that they surely received. Ditto for the Madison Avenue types, if contracted out.

With the games in Sochi, lately Russia has been in the mainstream news more often than usual. That would normally be pleasant, but I have lamented the increased Western coverage of the Pussy Riot strumpets; the Russkies should have thrown away the keys to those cells. [Update: For more evidence against Russia’s clemency, see what the nasty girls have been doing right before the opening ceremony: “U.S. and Russian diplomats spar over Pussy Riot” and “After Prison Stint, Pussy Riot Keeps Up Anti-Government Stand.” Russians are oddly merciful at times with adversaries of the regime; e.g. Vladimir Ilyich and Ioseb Besarionis—the tsarist authorities should have had them shot for their crimes, sedition, and terrorist activities.] How the tolerance crowd got the vapors when they read about the “Don’t Let Pussy Riot into the Cathedral” video game during their HufPost breaks. (Read “Russian Orthodox Church video game lets you slay Pussy Riot members” for the details.) I, by contrast, couldn’t wait to play it—it delivers a heavy dose of sacriliciousness and it allows you to exorcise demonic leftist sluts! What else could one want in a video game? (Obviously a rhetorical question—horses, swords, castles, apothecaries, magical fountains . . .)

Apart from the pussy rioters, I have several other russocentric links that have been collecting in my post folder. Here is another unholy item from the Motherland, as noted in The St. Petersburg Times: “‘Holy Spirit’ Infecting Russian Computers.” Apparently, impious hackers have spread a virus that fraudulently demands payment “for the upkeep of temples.” Temples of harlotry, more likely! (See, Arimathea can even find a use for Lutherisms; it is very ecumenically conscious.) I sent the story to Fr. Z. as a fitting occasion for his wholly appropriate “Litany for the Conversion of Internet Thugs.”

For some serious fare, here is a transcript of an informative and insightful panel discussion hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations: “Snowden, Syria, and Sochi: U.S.-Russia Relations on the Eve of the Winter Olympics.”

No list of Russian story links is complete without an anguished nod to the Soviet past, readily provided by The Telegraph: “How the Bolsheviks sold Russia’s treasures.” Bastards.

Yet, the story does not end with the Commies in charge. The following video shows Saint Petersburg on the feast of Saint Alexander Nevsky last year:

Similarly, you may read “Thousands queue in Russia to see religious relic” or any of the dozens of such stories that appear each month about today’s Russia. The times—they’re a-changin’.

As such, Pravmir’s “Solzhenitsyn and the Russian Renaissance” may interest you.

The following story is only in Russian, but you might enjoy the videos of the recent greater consecration of the Optina Hermitage Metokhion in Saint Petersburg: ”Святейший Патриарх Кирилл освятил восстановленное подворье Оптиной пустыни в Петербурге.” Patriarch Kirill is a busy man—and he means business.

See, for instance, “Church-Theme TV Channel to Search for Souls Nationwide” from RIANovosti or “Russian priest wants church in social networks” on New Kerala. I sent the stories to my friend with the following note:

The Russkies know what is at stake—and how to fight.

I heard someone recently say that the top guys in Russia all experienced Soviet control and cultural warfare methods. Many of them knew this from the inside (like Putin, who was KGB). They all saw the methods in action while growing up. So, they know the leftist methods of subversion extremely well—they exported many of them to the West! And they thus know the enemy.

However, Western conservatives never learn. They are the Left’s perennial bitches.

That gives me more hope for Russia.

Wise as serpents!

So, I do rejoice for Russia but cry inside for my own nation when I read stories like “Who’s ‘godless’ now? Russia says it’s U.S.” in The Washington Times. After the Grammy Awards (and the last fifty years), it is hard to dispute Vladimir Vladimirovich’s contention.

I end with a toast to the Russians on the occasion of the Olympic Games in Sochi—ваше здоровье!

Posted by Joseph on Friday, February 7, Anno Domini 2014
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