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Tuesday, February 17, A.D. 2009
The Walters Art Museum

Over the weekend, I visited the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore for the second time. If you ever go to Maryland, it is worth your time to visit it.

The museum has a pleasant gallery exhibition plan that features mixed media in every room. If like many people, you tire of seeing painting after painting, the Walters’ rooms are set up like learning rooms or the halls of curiosity of European palaces, with paintings on the walls, objects of interest and sculptures on tables, and historical artifacts of practical use placed throughout.

Moreover, the diversity of the collection is impressive. You can visit art rooms from the Dutch Renaissance, an armor and weapons collection from the Holy Roman Empire, a treasury of macabre memento mori pieces, a gallery of French porcelain from Sèvres and Russian treasures from Fabergé, an Orthodox icon exhibit, several rooms dedicated to medieval Western life, culture, and religion, and even antiquities from Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, and Byzantium. Each period room contextualizes well its collection with complementary pieces and interestingly informative signs.

The museum has offered free admission for the last several years, and the surrounding neighborhood downtown is quite charming in Charm City. After the National Aquarium in Baltimore, it is the best attraction in town.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, February 17, Anno Domini 2009
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