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Wednesday, November 28, A.D. 2012
The Pseudoscience of SkyMall

The Advent fast begins today. May your white lent be fruitful. I wish you the best in keeping the faith in this land of mammon.

Related to the ridiculous consumerism of contemporary society, I present you a funny article on Slate by Rebecca Watson, “The Pseudoscience of SkyMall.” Watson reviews the curious SkyMall catalogue that you find on planes and suggests a game that I shall play on my next flight. She imagines that she wins a contest where she gets to pick one item from each of the catalogue’s spreads. Watson ends thus:

If you’re playing Imaginary SkyMall Sweepstakes, definitely go with the Lord Raffles Lion Throne Chair on Page 91, because nothing says “class” like an ornate replica Medieval throne from an in-flight catalog. Or maybe the Bigfoot, the Holiday Yeti Holiday Ornament, depending on your personal tastes. Totally your call.

We are indeed a tacky people.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, November 28, Anno Domini 2012
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