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Monday, September 20, A.D. 2010
The Party of Lincoln and the Fenty Affair

Normally, I find leftist attacks on Republicans ridiculous without being funny. Sometimes, though, even the blind manage to travel the path correctly. I found the following image rather amusing.

Speaking of politics, Steve Sailer has some interesting posts about the recent Democratic primary election in D.C., where Mayor Fenty, the candidate favored by the city’s new white yuppies, lost to an old time D.C. local establishment guy, Vince Gray. So, now the city will have another colored man in the top seat. By that, I do not mean black; after all, they’re all black. Rather, I mean the recent crop of Oranges, Greens, Grays, and Browns to dominate campaign signs throughout the city. Anyway, the election reminds us of how unfit the District’s population is for self government. After Marion Barry—who remains to this day on the city council—was re-elected to be mayor after his imprisonment and after his much corruption was exposed, my friend Andrew remarked that the city’s residents ought to have their suffrage revoked. Well, you may read Sailer’s “DC voters: Adrian Fenty: Not black enough; Michelle Rhee: Extremely not black enough” and “DC Election: Blacks v. Journolistas” for additional evidence to limit the franchise. Do not miss the Sailer’s comments section about Courtland Milloy’s gem of an article, especially this one:

white man-black wife said…

Whenever the hi-yalla elite lapses into Stephen Foster dialect as Mr. Milloy does, there is some existential challenge to their blackness. Black-speak is one way of proving their bona fides.

When you see guys who normally speak like Harvard PhD’s doing the fist-bumping “‘sup, brutha” stuff, you know (1) they are trying to get back in the good graces of other black folk, or (2) there is a status battle between black males and one is trying to “out-n*gg*r” the other.

As a white man, I am always fascinated when this appears at my black wife’s family gatherings.

She and her family have spoken accentless Middle American for at least two generations now, so whenever a black male or female goes into dialect it is worthy of analysis.

Consider Milloy.

He has championed Rhee and Fenty for at least a couple years now. (Read his previous columns).

He now sees that Fenty and Rhee have been rejected by the black lower class and lower middle class.

Either Milloy can (1) continue to support Fenty and Rhee and be excommunicated from the black community, or (2) he can tuck his tail between his legs and join the chorus of black LC/LMC voices.

He has chosen the latter and hammers it home by adopting black-speak.

Can we blame him? From his vantage point there really is no reason to chivvy poor black folks to “ack white” and support the job-killing DC overhaul of Rhee and Fenty.

Why should he risk losing his status among ghetto dwellers by telling them uncomfortable truths when (1) his success at persuading them to “ack white” will only generate competition for his own children, and(2) his failure to persuade them to “ack white” will lose him his job and readership?

Putting it more bluntly, seeing which way the wind is blowing, why should he risk being the Fenty or Rhee (or Clarence Thomas!) of the Washington Post?

Black voices for personal responsibility, hard work, and no more bastards will always be faint.

They will always be quick to turn tail and run.

As members of the hi-yalla elite it really is not to their advantage to rescue poor, feckless, irresponsible blacks.

Men are an odd lot. I wonder how long the political marriage of white “progressives” and blacks will last. It was always a strange and perverse relationship—one of utility rather than true friendship.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, September 20, Anno Domini 2010
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