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Thursday, April 26, A.D. 2012
The Magical Negro

ክርስቶስ ተነስቷል

My friend Andrew recently shared an amusing skit by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. It plays on the “numinous negro” motif in contemporary American culture, which I noted last year when referring to “The Numinous Negro” by Richard Brookhiser. The Black Commentator explores the history of the phenomenon in popular culture, Wikipedia provides a list of fictional magical negroes, and Los Angeles Times’ David Ehrenstein notes a real world application of the meme in “Obama the ‘Magic Negro.’”

You may watch the video on Vimeo.

“You need to find your own troubled white boy.”

Key and Peele are filling the void that David Chappelle has left.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, April 26, Anno Domini 2012
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