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Monday, January 23, A.D. 2012
The Future of the Church

Today in Washington, D.C., thousands of American citizens will attend the thirty-ninth March for Life. I wish everyone a safe journey to and from the city. Hopefully, it will not rain too much on our parade. If you are interested but not near D.C., EWTN broadcasts the march.

Fitting for the day, I offer you a charming picture that I saw on Interfax:

It is Saint Sergius in Stockholm, a parish of the Moscow Patriarchate in Sweden. Let us hope that more Russkies in the Motherland follow the same path and that the Swedes themselves wake from their nightmare and begin to replenish their nation, as well, instead of emasculating their men, destroying the souls of their voluntarily barren women, and importing the Third World to replace the indigenous population. A revival of Christianity would assure both desired outcomes; such is evident in the former but not in the latter. Let us remember to pray for the lost peoples of the West. In Washington, D.C., at least today, we shall stand against the “culture of death.”

Posted by Joseph on Monday, January 23, Anno Domini 2012
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