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Tuesday, April 19, A.D. 2011
The Effects of Liturgical Corruption

I hope that everyone is having blessed holy week.

Last month, Fr. John Zuhlsdorf commented on an article by Louis Verrecchio who wonders about the connection between the liturgical woes of the Roman Church following the Second Vatican Council and the widespread moral confusion and apostasy among the children of that community. You may read Fr. John’s “Did liturgical optionitis and degraded liturgy lead to dissent about morality?” and Mr. Verrecchio’s piece at the Catholic News Agency, “Liturgy’s effect on gay ‘marriage’ debate.”

The Christian experience of two millennia has vouchesafed the trustworthiness of the principle lex orandi, lex credendi. If we destroy one, the other will follow in its ruin.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, April 19, Anno Domini 2011
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