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Thursday, February 26, A.D. 2009
The Association

The Association produced fabulously melodious hits, and I was surprised to find some of their live performances on the web. “Never My Love” is definitely my favorite song of theirs. It is simple but lovely.

They put on quite an energetic show with “Along Comes Mary” on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour:

Finally, in honor of my mother’s wretched little Shih Tzu by the same name, here is the ever cheerfully fun “Windy”:

I admit it; I like 60’s pop. Anyway, I always find the outfits of earlier performers a bit surprising. Even in the midst of the cultural revolution, these guys look like old school college chaps. I wonder when the move toward t-shirts or worse occurred.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, February 26, Anno Domini 2009
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