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Wednesday, May 18, A.D. 2011
The Amazing Stupidity of Womyn

In our Bizarro land, honest observations and common sense caution carry the whiff of phallocracy to the hordes of harridans who want to exempt women from the world’s facts. A Toronto police officer warned students not to dress like sluts at a safety forum: “Cop’s rape comment sparks wave of ‘SlutWalks’.” Woe be to the reasonable in storms of silliness! The offended masses have organized and executed protests called “SlutWalks,” where marchers wish to “reclaim the word ‘slut.’” That hallowed word is indeed a treasured hallmark of the crazy Left. Imagine the gall of that fascist pig cop who tried to impose shame on free living happy hussies. How regressive!

Obviously, one’s trashy wardrobe taste ought not to relate to violent crime. Similarly, one’s decision to walk alone in a seedy neighborhood at night should not correspond to victimhood. Yet, they do. There are monsters among us, and we have a responsibility to ourselves to use prudent judgment. The copper was simply stating an obvious practical fact for the sake of the students in the audience. Yet, he had to apologize. Now, he has to marvel at the moronic displays of his countrymen and of his neighbors to the south.

Lawrence Auster and Laura Wood routinely comment on this particular malady, the causes of which lie deep within Leftist disorder.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, May 18, Anno Domini 2011
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