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Thursday, April 18, A.D. 2013
Thatcher’s Grandchildren

The United Kingdom this week celebrates the memory of Margaret Thatcher. She will be remembered for as long as the English nation survives. However, her effects upon the world will continue in the more common manner, as well, through her descendents. Her son Mark has two children, Michael and Amanda. The Daily Mail has a story on the grandson: “Entering the family business? Baroness Thatcher’s American football star grandson takes on the world of U.S. politics,” which includes football footage of the young man. The Telegraph also features a story on the grandchildren with a current photograph of Michael: “Margaret Thatcher: The grandchildren in the US who share the Iron Lady’s spirit”:

As they perused the well-stocked aisles of their local shop, the wealthy residents of Highland Park were charmed by the polite and handsome young man behind the counter.

They had no idea, however, that this former high school American football star was upholding a family tradition that began 100 years ago in the English town of Grantham, some 5,000 miles away.

Michael Thatcher, the only grandson of the grocer’s daughter who became the world’s most powerful woman, now serves customers at a store and pharmacy in Texas.

The Thatcher kids have been raised as Texas Republicans, for better or worse. I wish them every proper good.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, April 18, Anno Domini 2013
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