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Friday, April 19, A.D. 2013
Thatcher’s Accomplishment

Bruce Charlton has posted simple praise of Thatcher for having achieved something remarkable during her time as Britain’s prime minister: “What did Margaret Thatcher do? Fixed the economy, stupid”:

Then positive thing Mrs Thatcher did was to reverse decades of British economic decline. . . .

Margaret Thatcher diagnosed the problems, publicly repented of the policies of the past, told Britain what it needed to do (‘roll back’ socialism), explained that short term prosperity had to be sacrificed to the longer term, took the necessary measures and -

Sure enough, things did get worse, there was a period of sharp recession and exacerbated decline.

But Mrs Thatcher held the line until the battle was won, and the impending economic collapse was not just averted but reversed.

Then Britain had a period of strong economic growth.
Many economists had diagnosed Britain’s problems; several politicians knew what needed to be done; perhaps several of these politicians could believe that these things could be done and might even have started the job of fixing the economy…

But only Mrs Thatcher could see-it-through in the face of a level of orchestrated vilification and misrepresentation from the Leftist intelligentsia and organized labour (and most of her own party) which was astonishing at the time and in retrospect.

Thatcher’s leftist and conservative detractors fail to see how remarkable her political virtues were. In a democratic regime, it is exceptionally noteworthy whenever a leader prescribes unpleasant but requisite medicine and then has the statesmanship to carry the changes through successfully. An Iron Lady, indeed!

Posted by Joseph on Friday, April 19, Anno Domini 2013
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