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Wednesday, December 18, A.D. 2013
That Jesuitical Franciscan Interview

In September, my brother sent me The New York Times article on Antonio Spadaro’s interview with the pope: “Pope Says Church Is ‘Obsessed’ with Gays, Abortion and Birth Control” (complete interview here).

My immediate response was, “Whew. Hopefully, now those Franciscan Sisters will stop carrying their ‘God Hates Fags’ signs to mass. That always sets the wrong tone.”

In the weeks that followed, I read many similar reactions. Where are these parishes teeming with heartless rightwingers, condemnatory wagging fingers, and constant moralizing on sexual ethics? In actuality, American papist catechesis—in class and in sermon—tends to hover pretty closely around Christ’s two great commandments.

The leftist hordes do not care about truth or about what the pope says. By habit and principle, they employ all available weapons to achieve their goals, high among which is the destruction of Christianity. I hope that the officials in the Vatican understand this. The last fifty years indicate that they have not yet learnt such lessons, though the signs have been quite clear to keen observers since la Terreur.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, December 18, Anno Domini 2013
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