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Wednesday, December 3, A.D. 2008
That Blond Target with a White Shirt, Tie, and Bicycle

Let’s not forget about the “Elder” name tags.

Last week, the editors at the National Review published “Legislating Immorality” that describes the social fall-out for Mormons after Preposition 8, which banned homosexual “marriage” in California, passed. Today, Jonah Goldberg’s “An Ugly Attack on Mormons” deals with the same. Both articles show yet another example of the Left’s blind hypocrisy and double standards, but we should not be surprised at anything villainous from such quarters. I would like to say that I am shocked at the public’s acquiescence in the face of such incivility and intolerance, but I am not. The entire scenario is unfortunately quite predictable. As the editors and Goldberg point out, Mormons are not part of the spectrum of politically correct protective classes and they are not particularly well liked by American Christians for their theological eccentricities. They thus have few allies and are easy targets. As we learnt in grade school, bullies usually prey on the weak . . .

Here is an advertisement that was run in California:

I have little respect for Americans’ political integrity, but this propaganda piece surprises even me. Is this a harbinger of what the Left has in store for us?

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, December 3, Anno Domini 2008
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