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Friday, June 12, A.D. 2009
Swedish Madness

The world has lost its mind, and in no country is modern neurosis as advanced, it seems, as in Sweden.

I found the following article both interesting and nauseating: “Make accused rapists prove consent.”


Since 1965, when Sweden first enacted a sex crimes law, roughly 100 to 200 rapists have been convicted every year. However, the number of rapes reported annually has increased from around 300 to more than 5,000.

The article does not mention why the rates have so dramatically risen. Sweden has spent much of its social energy for the last several generations on engineering “gender equity,” and yet violence toward women continues to rise.

Could it be that their New Age social structure is unnatural and harmful to the Swedish people?

Is it due to the ever advancing hordes of third world immigrants who have begun to turn what was once almost a land free of violent crime into yet another statistic that shows the folly of open borders to unassimilatable masses?

Instead of dealing with the problem(s), the Swedes continue to pervert human life.

What is wrong with Sweden? Or Europe? Or the whole West? How can so many people be so wrong about so much?

Posted by Joseph on Friday, June 12, Anno Domini 2009
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