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Friday, September 23, A.D. 2011
Strokey the Penguin

We have long known that Washington is full of leftist idealogues, but I did not think that the current climate approached the peculiar depravity of the Clinton era. Even with all the anti-white racial Marxists in power, even granting the outré views of Obama’s appointments like Kevin Jennings, I did not expect to see the second coming of Joycelyn Elders. Lo, ChoiceUSA gives us Strokey the Penguin to excite support for new rules from the Department of Health and Human Services:

Read about Strokey in Roll Call, “Strokey for Safe Sex.”

Once, the Left was composed of Fabians, Bolsheviks, Progressives, and New Dealers. Now, we have Code Pink, Tinseltown ninnies, and the brilliant libertines behind Strokey’s funk. And still conservatives are unable to defend their civilization!

Posted by Joseph on Friday, September 23, Anno Domini 2011
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