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Friday, January 21, A.D. 2011
Storytelling’s Fiction

I resisted buying Belle and Sebastian’s Storytelling for a long time. I wondered why anyone would buy an original score film soundtrack that was not composed by John Williams. Besides, I have never seen Todd Solondz’ film, Storytelling, and I have no desire to do so. It looks like one of those Lifetime meets unhappy and misanthropic New York Jewish Lefty indie flicks that I find pretentious, objectionable, and depressing. Nonetheless, I finally purchased Storytelling last year to complete my Belle and Sebastian album collection, and I was pleasantly surprised. I don’t know why I was surprised. I am a pessimist even with Stuart Murdoch (p.b.u.h.). It’s shameful—how I have little faith.

Anyway, the theme to several songs is “Fiction,” which is one of the parts of Solondz’ movie. Here is a video of the English countryside that a Portuguese fan set to the memorable tune:

The leitmotif for the Fiction part of the film continues, and here is “Fiction (Reprise)” near the end, set to a bizarre and wholly B&S appropriate fan video by an Argentinian woman:

I also really like Jackson’s “Wandering Alone”—another Stevie-esque manifestation.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, January 21, Anno Domini 2011
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