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Wednesday, May 2, A.D. 2012
Spot the Frenchman

Kristo ajukkide!

There is an amusing post about “political correctness” (sic) in the press on View from the Right: “How else would we have known who is the Frenchman?” A LiveScience article, “Why Pygmies of Africa Are So Short,” features a photograph of French anthropologist Alain Froment with a group of pygmies:

The photograph’s caption reads, “Study researcher Alain Froment, of the Museum of Man in France, in the striped shirt with a group of Pygmies.” However, one of the pygmies is also wearing a striped shirt, but such did not occur to the editor. Auster notes:

The combination of rigidly orthodox PC with unconscious, non-PC instincts that subvert the PC orthodoxy makes this photo and its caption unique. To begin with, the editor who wrote the caption felt that he could not simply write, “French researcher Alain Froment with a group of pigmies,” because that would imply that Froment could be distinguished from the pigmies and identified as French solely from his physical, racial characteristics, which would violate the liberal dogma that race doesn’t matter. So he added the risibly superfluous information that Froment is wearing a striped shirt. But the poor editor somehow didn’t notice that one of the Africans in the photo is also wearing a striped shirt, making it equally likely, according to the editor’s own caption, that the African is the French researcher. But the editor didn’t notice that huge mistake, because, notwithstanding his extravagant PC gesture, he actually knew, though he couldn’t admit it consciously to himself, that it was perfectly obvious which man in a striped shirt is the French researcher.

Auster’s readers then have fun with this absurdity. Make sure to see the submission by Larry T. of another ridiculous picture and caption.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, May 2, Anno Domini 2012
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