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Monday, February 24, A.D. 2014
Some Celestial Tea?

The Winter Olympics are over, and there is one last week before Lent. I’ll reflect upon the games later, but enjoy Cheesefare Week!

Recently, Kristor wrote an interesting post on the Orthosphere about the significance of theism to every other thought and to thinking as such: “The Scandal of Theism.” Controversy ensued, wherein a few readers struggled to grasp Kristor’s point. Coincidentally (or not), Maverick Philosopher has a remarkably complementary piece from last week about how God, as the source of being, differs from beings (God is not another being among beings). Therefore, a philosophical investigation of God is not like searching for a celestial teapot (or a flying spaghetti monster): “Russell’s Leaky Teapot Revisited.” I highly recommend the posts.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, February 24, Anno Domini 2014
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