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Monday, May 21, A.D. 2012
Social Justice Flash Mobs

Cristo ressuscitou!

On View from the Right’s post last week about the ongoing Zimmerman saga, “Zimmerman had facial injuries, and the FBI is thinking of charging him with hate crime. Not a non sequitur!,” Patrick H. comments:

I have come to see the error of my ways. To repent, I would like to form white flash mobs which, in solidarity with black flash mobs, will attack other white people. This way, blacks will not have to place themselves in danger of physical harm (if one of the racists fights back) or arrest by our racist criminal justice system. The real question is why and how white America has let the black need for racial justice (expressed through “direct action” in the form of flash mobs) go unfulfilled. White indifference has caused flash mobs. This indifference has, in turn, caused black people to do something they should never have to do — which is anything at all. I’m tired of seeing blacks put themselves in jeopardy because of white laziness and indifference. Blacks should not have to beat up whites. Whites should do it for them. This way black youth will be freed up to do much needed work in theoretical physics, continental philosophy, and the blues.

The gems that one finds when one mines the absurd . . .

Posted by Joseph on Monday, May 21, Anno Domini 2012
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