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Tuesday, February 18, A.D. 2014
Sochi Sour

It is always a joy to have russocentric posts on Arimathea, and the Olympics are a fitting occasion for such as the world is currently focused on Russia. Sadly, Western media coverage has been a tad nasty. As I mentioned at the beginning of the games in “To Sochi, with Love,” the depiction of the pussy rioters as heroic dissidents has annoyed me. As thousands of online commentators have noted, The New York Times, Madonna, and the State Department would treat these wretches quite differently had they performed a protest song in a mosque in Riyadh. Of course, had such occurred, the band would not have lived to go on a cushy, all expense paid bitchfest circuit throughout the West.

Moreover, I have been surprised by the politicization of the Olympics by third party Western journalists, and having to tolerate NBC’s “journalistic” commentary is a painful cost to pay to be able to watch the games. I have two thoughts regarding the snarky media comments about Sochi. First, Western journalists are digging for any dirt in order to portray the Russians negatively as a form of revenge for the Russians’ failing to get with the Open Society Foundation’s program. How dare the Russkies defy the delicate sensibilities of the Davos-SWPL set! Second, even if we discount the political agenda of the newsies, their white leftist programming is on full display. For when white leftists travel to non-white regions, they display the most ridiculous diplomatic sensibilities: venerating the local idols of the tribe with as much fervency as Urban Outfitters atheists can muster, acknowledging the supposed cultural superiority of colored folk (you know, like the soulful wisdom of Apaches), and commenting on the ecological sustainability of using human excrement as a building material. They never show their entitled, arrogant essence, worrying that such would betray their deeply internalized racism. Yet, they have no problem unmasking themselves as Ugly Americans when they travel to a white man’s land that pales in comparison to luxurious Manhattan living. Remember how the Western media portrayed the Chinese at the Olympic Games in Peking, and consider how they will react in Rio de Janeiro. Can you imagine mainstream media types’ whining about colored water or Third World plumbing in Pardo Land?

Wasn’t that red balloon enough for them?

It appears that the mass media’s conditioning of the public has worked well; see Gallup’s “Americans’ Views of Russia, Putin Are Worst in Years.” Not long ago, Western conservatives hated the godless Communists while Western lefties made excuses for the Soviets. “Conservatives” remain russophobic (cf. “Liberals for War”), while the Left loses its enthusiasm for Russian autocracy when it is wielded to defend Christianity or traditional civilization. Now, both Republicans and Democrats dislike Russia, and Gallup’s survey shows the results. Just last night as I was channel surfing during Olympic commercials, I watched Bill O’Reilly and Charles Krauthammer criticize Stephen Cohen’s article in The Nation, “Distorting Russia,” as yet another example of leftist apologies for Russia. The Fox News men ought to have addressed the points in Cohen’s fair article rather than handwaving it away like Nate the Neocon because it questions the legitimacy of their perpetual belligerence against the Russians.

I remember hearing somewhere (in class, conversation, or online) that there were only three sovereign nations in the world—Russia, China, and the United States of America. Those three largely dictate the policies of the rest of the world. I think of that when I encounter neoconservative bile for the Russians. Are men like McCain and Krauthammer spiteful toward Russia because it obstructs American imperialism? Or are they against Russia because they are liberal true believers—whether economically or socially—and they are sad that the United States did not colonize the crippled country of the Yeltsin era when Wall Street, NGOs, and the State Department had the chance? Or are they upset that all their money and efforts to transform the former Soviet block into their mirror image have not really paid off? Consider all the organizations, newspapers, and political plants Americans have sown in post-Soviet lands—all the colored revolutions, all the Kyiv Post editorials—and still someone runs the Kremlin who has the gall to disregard the wishes of post-national traitors and global economy puppeteers.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, February 18, Anno Domini 2014
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