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Friday, July 17, A.D. 2009
Ship of Fools

This past week, I found a site called Ship of Fools. It is sometimes irreverent and sometimes sacrilicious. I think that its authorship and readership must be full of postmodern Christians who cannot adhere to anything without a fair bit of irony. Of course, all human matters, including religion, provide ample opportunities for ironic observation.

The most interesting part of the site for me is the “Mystery Worshipper” section. Evidently, readers visit religious services that are not of their own traditions, and then they write about their experiences. Being well acquainted with various Christian sects, I enjoy reading others’ perspectives and recognizing familiar elements in their accounts.

So, if you can tolerate a certain level of Christian disrespect for sacred matters, you may find the site worth a visit.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, July 17, Anno Domini 2009
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